2:1 Match Grant success

A giant THANK YOU to all
who helped us reach our goal


We actually raised over $15,000 and have now received the $30,000 to help us grow and improve our conservancy. Stay tuned for more good news as we share some of the developments we've been able to initiate.

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By making a donation, you can join us as a new or renewing member as we are about to begin the 2014 monitoring season.

Please email or phone (906-225-8067) our office to let us know of your interest in participating in these activities with us..

Can you help us protect U.P. land?

Spring Monitoring


If you or your family own land here in the U.P., consider establishing an easement or donating some land for a preserve.


If you simply enjoy the environment of the Upper Peninsula and believe in our aims of permanent stewardship, you can become a member of UPLC or contribute in other ways

Together we can do it.

UPLC is qualified under state law to own land to establish nature preserves, as well as hold conservation easements. We currently protect 3100 acres of land in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through conservation easements and land donations.

Established in 1999 as the Central Lake Superior Land Conservancy, the U. P. Land Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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